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Feb 6, 2022 1 min read

Collecting Juniper RSI and Log Files for JTAC

Collecting Juniper RSI and Log Files for JTAC

During your time as a network engineer, you may be required to collect log files and RSI info to assist JTAC with investigations.

Please see below how to get this required information!

RSI Collection

request support information | save /var/tmp/rsi_DEVICE_NAME_OR_DATE.txt

Save to a directory of your choice, but I prefer /tmp due to ease of location when transferring the files off.

This process may hang for a bit, but don’t panic; this is normal. Depending on the device, this process can take up to 5 minutes but doesn’t affect traffic or the device.

Log File Collection

file archive compress source /var/log/* destination /var/tmp/logs_DEVICE_NAME_OR_DATE

This command compresses the logs directory into a single file and saves the file to the /var/tmp directory.

Transfer them out!

That’s it. Once complete, you can transfer the files from the device over to your machine (with FTP/ SFTP or whatever suits you) in readiness to be sent to your support provider/ JTAC.

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